Meet with purpose: turn agendas into action plans for outcome-driven meetings.

Six crime cases and too much information: what will your Scotland Yard investigation team do? Using investigatory tools and processes, you’ll share, evaluate and organize data to determine the nature of the crime, the culprits and the victims.

Lord Devon's Demise™ is a lot like unorganized meetings: chaos. But with a new approach, participants will turn meetings into momentum by eliciting input, filtering information, staying focused, making actionable decisions, and assigning defined tasks, outcomes and timelines.

We bring our program to your location—props, program collateral, and costumes—and handle all logistics for a flawless execution. Your facilitator is chosen to fit your session and will consult with you prior to your event to create a customized debrief based on your message. Lord Devon’s Demise will teach you to run effective meetings and is ideal for team building events, off-sites and conferences.