Forge effective partnerships to stop competition in its tracks

The Wild West, 1800s: the railroad proposes to connect Rattlesnake Canyon with the world beyond. The business potential: huge. The challenge: you have only four weeks to secure all of the materials needed for the track and a worker’s camp. Can you forge strategic partnerships to make a profit among shifting market trends, stiff competition, and limited resources?

Rattlesnake Canyon success requires clear communication and efficient teamwork and collaboration. Participants see the importance of identifying, understanding, and responding to actual customer needs to gain a competitive edge and maximize profit potential.

We bring our program to your location—props, program collateral, and costumes—and handle all logistics for a flawless execution. Your facilitator is chosen to fit your session and will consult with you prior to your event to create a customized debrief based on your message. Rattlesnake Canyon is ideal for team building events, meetings, off-sites and conferences.