A Fast-Paced Race That Will Have Attendees Fully Engaged and Working Closely as a Team

icon_lightbulb KEY OUTCOME: CHANGE AND TEAMWORK  icon_participants 20-5,000 PARTICIPANTS  icon_hours 2-3 HOURS


It’s the Redline Racing European Tour and your attendees will compete as race teams who are revving to go! Before they are launched into the countryside, they will work as a team to determine which route will award the most points – and fewest penalties. Taking the victory in this high-octane road race requires a focused, agile, and motivated team that is able to make decisions quickly. But the decisions made throughout the race aren’t final; the majority in the room will ultimately decide the fate of the race. So, as well as contending with pressure, pace, and competition, attendees must influence others to reach a favorable consensus and win the race.

It’s Not All Fun and Games 
(But It Will Feel Like It)

While we’re big on fun, we also know that your event needs to make a real impact. Here are just a few of the things that attendees will walk away confidently able to do:

  • Balance action with analysis to achieve the greatest possible outcome
  • Capitalize on the experience of those who have succeeded before
  • Build cohesion and consensus amongst team members
  • Efficiently course-correct in the face of shifting conditions

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