An Activity That Will Have Every Attendee Learning How to Coach Others in a Way That Inspires Results

icon_lightbulb KEY OUTCOME: COACHING AND FEEDBACK  icon_participants 20-500 PARTICIPANTS  icon_hours 2 HOURS


In 1934, Dr. Thomas Rae, world-renowned archaeologist, unearthed a priceless find – the Emperor Tiberius’s atrium floor. In this experience,
centered around an mysterious puzzle, teams of attendees will set out to reconstruct the atrium floor based on the clues provided. Ultimately, The Discovery of Dr. Thomas Rae teaches attendees how coaching can transform behaviors and corporate culture for the better. This will happen as a result of attendees practicing delivering effective feedback during the experience, along with a facilitated debrief that brings to life the real-world application of what will have seemed like a fun game to attendees.

It’s Not All Fun and Games 
(But It Will Feel Like It)

While we’re big on fun, we also know that your event needs to make a real impact. Here are just a few of the things that attendees will walk away confidently able to do:

  • Apply and practice coaching skills on the job
  • Create stronger relationships between the leader and the team members
  • Use teamwork principles as the standard for giving and receiving coaching and feedback
  • Practice the C.O.A.C.H. principles

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