An Activity Ideal for Teams Who Must Effectively Manage Resources and Navigate Market Conditions

icon_lightbulb KEY OUTCOME: PROFITABILITY AND PERFORMANCE  icon_participants 20-5,000 PARTICIPANTS
 icon_hours 2-4 HOURS


Enter the competitive world of Windjammer, where teams of attendees will vie for an edge in an exceedingly active marketplace of high-end sailing products. The demand for products is high, but market fluctuations will affect their value over time. In this engaging sailing-themed experiential activity, attendees will race to acquire raw materials from other teams, manufacture specialized products, and sell them when the market demand is highest. But profit margin is not the ultimate measure of success in this nautical landscape – true victory is a performance beyond expected results. In order to capitalize on every opportunity, negotiation and teamwork will be essential to success.

It’s Not All Fun and Games 
(But It Will Feel Like It)

While we’re big on fun, we also know that your event needs to make a real impact. Here are just a few of the things that attendees will walk away confidently able to do:

  • Expand profit focus throughout the stages of planning, goal-setting, and execution
  • Adjust team tactics and resources to capitalize on new opportunities
  • Rapidly prioritize objectives and forge relationships to take advantage of profit peaks
  • Apply strategies to adjust to changing conditions and overcome obstacles on the fly

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