Juggle the impact of market conditions and resource management to maximize profit

You and your fellow purveyors of high-end sailing products are vying for an edge. Acquiring raw materials from other teams, manufacturing your products, and selling them when demands are high, you’ll navigate the competitive landscape. But the ultimate measure of success isn’t profit margin. It’s performance that exceeds expectations.  
Windjammer™ requires participants to create a practical, flexible plan to capitalize on and profit from opportunities, including ones that aren’t immediately achievable. Through setting goals and adjusting to changing conditions, teams learn to capitalize on every new opportunity.

We bring our program to your location—props, program collateral, and costumes—and handle all logistics for a flawless execution. Your facilitator is chosen to fit your session and will consult with you prior to your event to create a customized debrief based on your message. Windjammer is ideal for teamwork activities for your events including meetings, off-sites and conferences.