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As a leader, your character defines and drives your leadership effectiveness. To be able to motivate others to achieve greater performance and develop the next generation of leadership, you need to be an effective self-leader. Learn how you can acquire these skills to pass onto those who are looking to you for direction, in Lead Yourself Lead Others, written by Eagle’s Flight’s CEO, Phil Geldart.

Lead Yourself Lead Others features:

  • 8 crucial principles for leaders to model and teach
  • Step-by-step plans for mastering leadership
  • Tips on achieving self-mastery over personal performance & development

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“Lead Yourself, Lead Others is a powerful guide ideally suited for younger leaders. Phil Geldart keeps the content brief, concise and, at the same time, packed with powerful ideas and timeless success principles.”
“This book contains practical concepts and principles for leadership. It is excellent reading for those just starting in a leadership role and will help them to hit the ground running! Easy reading and readers can immediately apply principles learned after each section. Experienced leaders will also enjoy this reading as well.”