Solving Learning Decay in Organizational Training and Development

Learn how to implement training that delivers long lasting results

Learning decay is a lot like gravity: it is a downward force against which you must exert effort if you want to create sustained learning impact. In the mere minutes and hours after we receive new information, it begins to leave our minds. In fact, 70% of the information is forgotten within the first week. This becomes a problem when investing in training and development initiatives in your organization. Fortunately, there are specific practices that can be implemented to effectively solve learning decay.

Learn how you can ensure your organization’s training and development initiatives deliver long lasting results in this guide. In Solving Learning Decay in Organizational Training and Development, you will learn:

  • What elements and factors contribute to learning decay
  • Why some training initiatives succeed and others fail
  • The three elements that result in better long term information retention

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Solving Learning Decay in Organizational Training and Development

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From the Guide

“After any learning experience, it is critical to create an environment that continually reinforces application. If individuals return from  training and do not have the opportunity to practice their new skills and have them reinforced, the learning decay curve kicks in and the knowledge becomes “flavor of the month”.“

“Much like you can fight gravity with jet engines and aerodynamics, you can fight the learning decay curve with practice and reinforcement.”