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Complimentary Workshop

Dallas, TX | March 2, 2017

Gold of the Desert Kings™

Challenge Your Business's Status Quo by Asking "What's Possible?"

We often confuse activity with productivity. If we’re busy, we must be making headway, right? Not always. A lot of ineffective busyness can go undetected until the results come in…and then it’s too late. Gold of the Desert Kings™ is a metaphor for the world we face at work every day - a world where planning, gathering resources, and goal-directed action, executed within a changing environment, are the keys to maximizing results.

  • Ask “What’s Possible?” instead of “What’s Required?" to  break through your perceived limitations
  • Plan, prepare, and execute - never lose sight of the objective - to attaining all that’s possible
  • Permanently adopt a strategic mindset for any challenge
  • Face any challenge with that strategic mindset; develop lasting habits of focused productivity

Save your seat to learn how to maximize your organization's opportunities.

Date: March 2, 2017  
Registration:  8:30am - 9:00am
Session:  9:00am - 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm


Price: Free


1999 Bryan Street
Dallas, TX 75201



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