Experiential Learning

Not Your Ordinary Learning Experience


An Eagle’s Flight experiential learning program is unlike anything you or your participants have ever seen before – it is not another lecture, case study, or role-play. It’s an immersive, learn-by-doing experience, where the learning is embedded in an engaging activity. Why do we do this? It allows participants to simply be themselves in the experience, and act as they normally would at work. This is where true behavior change begins.

What You Can Expect

An engaging, immersive experience pulls participants out of the daily grind. Most of the time they're so busy having fun working together to overcome a challenge, that they're not even aware that they are learning valuable new skills that directly relate to their reality at work. This is because the use of a well-crafted metaphor allows participants to test new skills and behaviors in a safe setting outside of typical workplace scenarios.

An accelerated timeline allows people to quickly see the results of their actions, make corrections, and learn from their  mistakes and successes. At the end, a facilitated debrief links the lessons learned in the experience to situations in the
workplace. Participants can see how their new skills can be applied in the situations they experience on a daily basis.


Dynamic Facilitators Bring the Learning to Life

Our facilitators are thoroughly trained to recognize which skills and abilities need more attention during the experience, as many programs support multiple training goals. They will subtly guide a discussion to ensure all your key outcomes are met. To do this, they need familiarity with the group dynamics and team challenges, as well as sufficient knowledge of your organization, and the terminology you use to encourage an informed discussion that ties back to your work reality. Your facilitator will meet with you before your session to customize the message and ensure your key learnings are covered to make the most of your training investment. 

An expertly facilitated debrief is critical to the success of experiential learning. Without it, participants have a fun training experience but are left unsure how to connect it to the real world. Eagle’s Flight's world-class facilitations team ensures that you are matched with the right facilitator, thus alleviating the burden from your internal resources and allowing you to breathe a little easier. 

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Experiential Learning Drives the Message Home

Experiential learning builds personal conviction, and can be the difference between actually changing behavior, and just providing more information. By personally experiencing the results that come from applying their existing behaviors, participants see the link between their performance in the experience and the changes they need to make to maximize performance at work.  A powerful debrief reinforces the lessons learned in the experience and shows how to apply those lessons back on the job. New competencies are developed, learnings are retained, and individuals are more likely and better able to enthusiastically apply their new knowledge to improve their day-to-day performance. 

Why It Works

Our programs are fun, which makes it far more likely that your participants will want to participate. Even the most disengaged participants have been known to get involved because the challenge they are presented with is undeniable, and of course, they want to win it. After completing an experience, participants have a chance to reflect on what just happened and why. With the help of the post-experience debrief, they come to personally see the link between their actions and their results. They make the connection between how to win in the game and how to apply the same lessons to win at work. Your team will  foster new connections between team members that carry through to the workplace. They will gain a new sense of trust and also encourage each other to continue applying their new skills beyond the walls of the classroom. 

“The use of your experiences to build understanding and conviction is an Eagle’s Flight trademark; and one which, in my opinion, is a true differentiator that sets you apart from all others in your field.“

Marc Caira, Vice Chair, Restaurant Brands International

“In my dealings with Eagle’s Flight over the past six years, the people at the very top took a personal interest in working with us. They were helpful in a lot of different areas and were willing to be our partner in whatever direction we wanted to go.“

Paul Pastirik, Former Executive VP of Finance, Aecon Infrastructure Group