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Complimentary Workshop

Vancouver, BC | March 21, 2017

Mastering Organizational Communication™

Mastering Organizational Communication will help galvanize your operational agility with a re-engineered communication system.  

Internal communications are often waylaid by hierarchical and departmental barriers and digressions. Messages become bogged down, altered or are simply ignored.  However, it is possible to take control of the organizational communication system and re-engineer it as a force for clarity, alignment and productivity.  Mastering Organizational Communication will help you streamline and re-purpose this system.  The potential for corporate-wide impact is enormous: increased operational agility – changes are rapidly communicated and acted upon; workforce engagement and commitment are solidified – people are on-message and on-track to produce the desired results; tighter alignment to corporate strategy and vision – the lines-of-sight to major and future goals are clear and direct.

  • Identify and predict current and future obstacles to organizational communication; bomb-proof your system against them
  • Understand the need to properly utilize line managers to cascade messages from senior leadership
  • Increase quality and quantity of employee feedback and contributions

Save your seat to learn how to streamline your organizational communication.

Date: March 21, 2017  
Registration:  8:00am - 8:30am
Session:  8:30am - 12:00pm
Lunch: 12:00pm


Price: Free


Queen Elizabeth Theatre
650 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5N6

* Enter Salon B from Cambie Street between West Georgia Street and Dunsmuir Street



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