Phil Geldart

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eagle’s Flight

Phil Geldart

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Eagle’s Flight

Phil Geldart, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Eagle’s Flight, is a recognized authority in the areas of transforming organizational culture, leadership development, and experiential training solutions.  He pioneered experiential learning in the training and development industry over 30 years ago, and today his company, Eagle’s Flight, is an industry leader and one that is trusted by many of the world’s top organizations.  He is the creator of numerous experiential learning programs that are sold globally and translated into over two dozen languages.  Phil is a powerful speaker and recognized thought-leader in the area of releasing human potential. As a result of his experience, he has authored many insightful books in areas crucial to performance improvement, such as leadership, experiential learning, culture transformation, and customer-centricity. Prior to his current leadership role at Eagle’s Flight, he was an executive with Nestlé Canada.

Areas of Expertise

  • Experiential Learning

    Culture Transformation

    Leadership Development

    Organizational Training

  • Performance Metrics

    Sales Performance

    Customer Centricity

    Team Building

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"The impact of being part of a powerful experiential learning event can be transformative. It can alter how we see the world, how we interact with others, and how we approach our communities."
Phil Geldart

“The use of your experiences to build understanding and conviction is an Eagle’s Flight trademark; and one which, in my opinion, is a true differentiator that sets you apart from all others in your field.“

Marc Caira, Vice Chair, Restaurant Brands International

“The level of energy and excitement that the Eagle’s Flight team brought to our conference of 2000 participants is unlike anything we have seen! It engaged each individual and provided extremely relevant learnings that could be immediately applied. The truly world class facilitator also brought a common language that is becoming standard practice across our global organization.“

Rich Butler, Sr. Director, Global Training & Leadership Development, Papa John's International, Inc.

“In my dealings with Eagle’s Flight over the past six years, the people at the very top took a personal interest in working with us. They were helpful in a lot of different areas and were willing to be our partner in whatever direction we wanted to go.“

Paul Pastirik, Former Executive VP of Finance, Aecon Infrastructure Group