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Ology Bioservices specializes in research and development, process development, and manufacturing of vaccines and biologics. The team at Ology Bioservices is contracted by the United States Department of Defense and operates out of a bio-safety level 3 facility. Within that facility, their team works with organisms to produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other preventative medications. As such, safety is of the utmost importance.

Aware of its importance, Ology Bioservices recently partnered with Eagle's Flight to deliver Safe By Choice™, a training program focused on building conviction in employees and leaders that they are responsible and capable of building a safe culture for everyone. To date this initiative has been well received by employees, leaders, and stakeholders, and is making the culture at Ology Bioservices one that is safe for all. 

Watch the following video to hear what Ology Bioservices' President and CEO, Dr.Peter Khoury, and Chief Operating Officer Brandon Brega, had to say about the success of the initiative and its reception among the workforce.


In 2019, Ology Bioservices began a journey that would amplify their culture into one full of intention, responsibility, and personal ownership over safety. The program consisted of three days of training, where participants learned: how do we efficiently communicate, deliver on their accountabilities and understand the benefits and consequences of any action. All in the name of safety.

DR. PETER KHOURY: I'm Dr. Peter Khoury, I'm the president and CEO of Ology Bioservices. Ology Bioservices is a contract development and manufacturing organization that produces biological products for both the Department of Defense and commercial customers. Our facility is what is called biosafety level three facility. We work with organisms to produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other preventative medications, things like Ebola and Zika virus, as well as some other fairly dangerous viruses and bacteria. And so it's important that everyone thinks about safety. Everyone has the right to speak out, and everyone has a voice at the company. This Eagle's Flight training and Safe by Choice is possibly the most important training that we've ever had at our facility, and I'm so thankful that everyone had taken time out of their busy schedules to devote a day or two, or even three for the executive team, to attend this training.

BRANDON BREGA: Seeing different organizations, the key has always been people. So that's typically where I start. When I'm trying to build an organization or a site, you have to find the key people. If you've talked to me, you know that safety is important to me and it's critical for our organization. It's a great time for us to be doing a program like this because we're still quite a bit of a young organization and we can carry the same fundamentals as we grow, and that'll just make us more successful in the future. So again, the one thing about the training piece of it, is that it was really about how it was done, and it's very experiential and a lot of activities.

It's something that we need to learn from because we do enormous amounts of training beyond safety, we have compliance training, quality training, regulatory training. I think organizations, in general, are growing and how they teach people about the process or their processes, but for us, safety is the outcome. No one gets hurt and everyone goes home. Most people say everyone goes home the same, I think programs like this actually help people go home better.

DR. PETER KHOURY: We feel that bringing in a program through Eagle's Flight, such as the Safe by Choice, has been very important to us. Everyone feels that supporting each other, having a culture of safety and ownership is very important.

BRANDON BREGA: One of the key pieces that I felt like an organization like ours needed was, really, a safety mindset. And so immediately thought of Safe by Choice. And the good thing about the program is that it is safety-focused, but it applies and can apply in other areas like quality, which is obviously very important to us as well. And I've done the ownership day twice now and had as much fun the second time as I did the first time, so that's also a good sign. I think if you can get the effectiveness piece of it, and the efficiency piece of it, and you can have fun along the way, that's pretty much all you can ask for and that's what this program has done for us. In terms of the partnerships, working with Eagle's Flight has been seamless.  How they work and what they do – it's been very positive for me, and it's been effective, which is the key when you do things like this. For us, you know, teaching the organization at a fairly young age doesn't guarantee us that we're going to be in the big leagues, but I guarantee if we didn't do it, we wouldn't be.

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"Eagle's Flight's training and Safe By Choice  program is possibly the most important training that we've ever had at our facility, and I'm so thankful that everyone had taken time out of their busy schedules to  attend this training."

Dr. Peter Khoury

President & CEO  - Ology Bioservices

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