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ProSlide is the global leader in water slide manufacturing and water park transformation, providing water park design for new and expanding indoor and outdoor water parks around the world. Their rides power the best, most successful and most recognized parks in the world. In fact, ProSlide has pioneered almost every major water ride innovation and won the industry’s highest honor — the IAAPA Impact Award — three times. 

To maximize their effectiveness as an organization, ProSlide sought out a partner that would help them improve their company culture, and in the process found Eagle's Flight. Since then (2017), the partnership has only grown. Together, we were succesfully able to define ProSlide's aspirational culture, achieve alignment on a common goal, as well as develop and implement a comprehensive and practical training and development solution.

Watch the following video to hear what ProSlide's President and Chief Operating Officer, David Rozon, and Director of Talent and Culture, Jacqueline Cloudt, had to say about their experience working with Eagle's Flight and the impact their initiative has made to date.


David Rozon: If we do it right – and Eagle's Flight knows how to do it right – it's empowering people, it's growing them. It's bringing them up to new heights that, as a collective, in turn, makes ProSlide wildly successful.

Jacqueline Cloudt: The Discovery process is a really valuable process that we went through. Eagle's Flight came in and they interviewed some of our key individuals. We had an experiential workshop where it was a really great way for people's voices to be heard around what our culture currently is, and also what our aspirational culture was going to be. And through that process, you learn a lot of insights. It's something where you actually understand fully what people are feeling, what they're looking for, and what culture means. Once you have all those great insights, you really deep dive, so it's what's the first phase. And with all those insights, you can actually create a concrete plan, communication strategy, engagement strategy to ultimately to make sure that your culture sticks.

David Rozon: Since we've started this journey, ProSlide and Eagle's Flight, there's been a radical change in behavior. And I'd say behavior is a result of thinking. Because when you think a certain way, and you understand other people's challenges, then you can start connecting dots. Once you start connecting dots, pictures form, and then results are clear and obvious to everyone. And that all of a sudden becomes a common goal. With a common goal, we are now focused, we now deliver, we now seek the next objective, the next challenge set in front of us. And as a team, we seek the same challenges and the same results – and that's been incredible.

Jacqueline Cloudt: Leadership really is a personal journey. And we've seen so many go through it. And some of them even, at the beginning, that came in a little resisting, I'm not really sure how this is going to help me. We've really seen the transformation in who they are, their leadership, they're fully stepping into their role. They understand their role as a leader, it's maximizing the full potential of people. And they're taking that, they're developing other leaders, and many of them are actually turning out to be great leaders as teachers.

David Rozon: Eagle's Flight has been instrumental in giving us the right mindset, the right framework, the right tools that we need. We had the beliefs we had the vision, but you need assistance to structure it so that it is disseminated across the company and that takes a professional organization to assist in attaining those objectives for us.

Jacqueline Cloudt: Eagle’s Flight really became an extension of my team. They really understood ProSlide, our business, what we were trying to achieve; they genuinely cared about our success as well. And that was felt not only from the content we developed, the facilitators when they came in, and how they made people feel at ease, build trust, relationships, they're always asking for more. And that's what true partnership is.

David Rozon: That investment from Eagle's Flight into our company – not into the training program, into the people inside our company – is phenomenal.


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"Eagle’s Flight really became an extension of my team. They really understood ProSlide, our business, what we were trying to achieve; they genuinely cared about our success as well."

Jacqueline Cloudt

Director of Talent and Culture at ProSlide

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