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While remote work has been on the rise for years, COVID-19 dramatically and irreversibly changed where and how we work. Rather than remote work being the exception, it became the new normal. For many leaders it may have acted as a living case study, showing them that it is possible for their employees to be just as, if not more, productive outside of the office.

While this is positive in many ways, it has greatly challenged leaders at all levels. This is because leading remotely requires a different mindset, approach, set of tools, and application of skills than leading in-person. To reduce the stress your leaders are feeling and help everyone adapt, Eagle’s Flight’s virtual leadership training program, Leading Remotely, provides your leaders with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed moving forward in a workplace that has been changed forever.



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Leaders return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Establish points of connection with direct reports as a chance to build relationship and ensure employees feel engaged, connected, and part of the team
  • Use checkpoints to drive an outcome and determine progress of a certain task or project
  • Take responsibility for minimizing misinterpretations by providing direction that is clear and encouraging clarifying questions from employees

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