Cardinal's Courtyard™

The population of any given organization is as diverse and unique as the organization itself. It’s something to be celebrated, yet things like generational differences, organizational hierarchies, and personal backgrounds all too often get in the way of team cohesiveness and effectiveness.


In Cardinal’s Courtyard, participants will learn to appreciate the different cultures that exist and how to appropriately respect each of those unique differences while still achieving their own specific objectives. This is the first step to creating a sense of awareness within each person of the need to show respect, empathy, and compassion to others as a way to overcome barriers and differences. The participants’ ability to respond within the appropriate constraints of another culture while still realizing their own needs will directly impact personal, team, and organizational success.


Individuals will walk away from Cardinal’s Courtyard with a greater appreciation for the role they play in building a company culture that ensures everyone feels respected, and so best able to achieve goals, and work effectively as a team.




What Your Employees Will Learn

Participants return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Recognize the ways in which their actions and behaviors impact company culture
  • Show understanding, tolerance, and the willingness to collaborate with others to find a mutually beneficial solution regardless of cultural differences
  • Work through barriers to success with respect, empathy, and compassion for the other person
  • Proactively resolve conflict by considering and reflecting on the perspectives of others

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