Negotiation happens when two or more parties come together to formulate a positive, open, and beneficial working relationship that aids in the execution of business objectives. Smart negotiations contribute significantly to company success, because they help you create more authentic, value-based relationships and achieve results. In order to do this, your company’s leaders and employees must understand that negotiation is not a singular event, but is instead a process that can be influenced by many other factors.

In Eagle’s Flight’s The Seven Essentials of Negotiations course, participants will be equipped with the tools to optimize this process in a way that builds trust, achieves results, and solidifies a win-win for both parties. They will return to work confidently able to negotiate using a balance of  information, impression, influence, and impact.


What Your Employees Will Learn

Participants return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Identify and pursue a win-win solution for everyone involved
  • Build trust throughout the negotiation process
  • Know how to actively use all seven essentials of negotiations
  • Balance information, impression, influence, and impact to achieve results

Program Details

program-details-1-day-course 1-day program

program-details-participants9-30 participants

program-details-audienceIdeal for all team members for training or corporate events

program-details-customizationCustomization and various delivery options available

program-details-post-course-reinforcementPost-course reinforcement and retention options available to maximize impact of training


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“The use of your experiences to build understanding and conviction is an Eagle’s Flight trademark; and one which, in my opinion, is a true differentiator that sets you apart from all others in your field.”

Marc Caira, Vice Chair, Restaurant Brands International


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