Accountability is key to the ongoing success of any individual, team, or organization. Individuals need to demonstrate it; and leaders need to require it. However, for an individual to predictably deliver on personal and team accountabilities, they must know how to determine all the available options, have an understanding of the relative consequences of the options, and then chose wisely and execute the decision flawlessly.

In Eagle’s Flight’s engaging experiential learning program, Alpha Wave, participants will be tested to deliver on their accountabilities in the face of significant challenges, deadlines, and obligations. As they address these, several options present themselves; many of these look enticing, “fast,” or “easy,” but, if chosen, are subsequently seen to be unwise. Alpha Wave brings the lessons of accountability home in a fast-paced, exciting, experiential learning program.


What Your Employees Will Learn

Participants return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Take responsibility and ownership of their decisions, actions, or behaviors
  • Seek knowledge, understanding, and guidance when there is any uncertainty or lack of clarity
  • Evaluate the benefits and possible repercussions of any decision, action, or behavior to make the best possible decision
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration so that a teammate never fails

Program Details

program-details-1-day-course 3 hour program

program-details-participants5-500 participants

program-details-audienceIdeal for all team members for training or corporate events

program-details-customizationCustomization and various delivery options available

program-details-post-course-reinforcementPost-course reinforcement and retention options available to maximize impact of training

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Not Your Ordinary Learning Experience

Sustained learning is achievable through an approach that builds conviction by changing the hearts, minds, and skills of every employee, and experiential learning is a powerful vehicle to achieve that.

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Customization and Delivery Options

Regardless of the level of customization or consultation required to ensure your training investment is a success, you will be able to rest easy with Eagle’s Flight's in-house team of designers, artists, and facilitators. 

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“The use of your experiences to build understanding and conviction is an Eagle’s Flight trademark; and one which, in my opinion, is a true differentiator that sets you apart from all others in your field.”

Marc Caira, Vice Chair, Restaurant Brands International


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