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LP-Cover.pngAccording to a U.S. Gallup poll, 70 percent of employees are not engaged at work. That’s bad news for lots of employers because engaged teams outperformed disengaged teams on measures of profitability, productivity, customer ratings, lower turnover, and fewer safety incidents.

But how do you ensure that your teams become—and stay—engaged?

Team building improves communication, strengthens relationships, and sparks collaboration—so your team members feel connected to the company’s mission and to each other. Effective team building encompasses a wide range of organizational concepts, which will be explored in this guide. At its heart, though, team building is about strengthening teams to create a more engaged, effective, and high-performing workforce.

Check out this guide to read chapters on topics such as:

  • The Value of Team Building for Your Organization
  • How Do You “Build” a Successful “Team”?
  • Establishing Goals to Drive Team Building Outcomes
  • Using Experiential Learning to Build Teams and Reach Goals
  • How Teams Gain Competencies Through Experiential Learning

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