Experiential learning is a proven method for changing employee behavior, and thereby improving organizational performance. It’s central to the Eagle’s Flight approach to organization development.

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  • The nature of experiential learning
  • 5 Reasons why it is so effective at changing behavior
  • The importance of making the learnings relevant
  • Application to different cultures, ages and functions

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Webinar Speaker

Phil Geldart

Phil Geldart

Phil Geldart, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Eagle’s Flight, is a recognized authority in the areas of transforming organizational culture and leadership development. He pioneered experiential learning in the training and development industry, his company is now a leader in that field. He has created numerous experiential learning programs which are now used around the world and translated into over two dozen languages. Phil is a powerful speaker, author of seven insightful books in areas crucial to performance improvement, such as leadership, teamwork, experiential learning and culture transformation; and he is a recognized thought leader in the area of releasing human potential. Prior to his current leadership role at Eagle’s Flight he was an executive with Nestlé Canada.