Eton, Berkshire | November 29, 2019

Success in a Highly Competitive Market Requires Capitalising on Every Opportunity

Join Eagle's Flight for an opportunity to participate in an experiential learning program and learn how to incorporate experiential learning in your organisation.

Every business contends with shifting market conditions, resource management challenges, and identifying which activities deliver the best value, but these each have varied levels of impact. So, what makes the difference? The answer lies in the ability to capitalise on all opportunities, not just those that are readily accessible.

In this highly-interactive experiential workshop, you will be tasked to capitalise on every opportunity, where your negotiation, relationship, and team-building skills will be tested and honed. Through the use of the experiential activity, Windjammer™, you will walk away more confident in your skills, aware of where you have opportunity for growth, and equipped with information about how experiential learning can be applied at your organisation. 


The workshop will focus on how to:

  • Expand your productivity focus throughout the stages of planning, goal-setting, team-building and execution
  • Adjust team tactics and resources to maximise agility and capitalise on new opportunities
  • Rapidly prioritise objectives and forge relationships to take advantage of specific timelines
  • Apply strategies to adjust to changing conditions and overcome obstacles on-the-fly
  • Bring experiential learning into your training and development initiatives


What do we mean by experiential? Experiential learning combines immersive activities that mimic real-world challenges with a targeted debrief that connects the lessons learned to the reality of the workplace. It allows participants to learn by doing, and not by just listening, reading, or watching. Because they have personally experienced the results that come with applying their existing skills (both successes and failures) they are more inclined to do things differently next time. As such, experiential learning is a powerful methodology an increasing number of organisations are turning to in order to maximise the impact of their investment in training initiatives.


You should also know, we're the more the merrier type, so if you'd like to invite a colleague just share the link to this page and we'll see you both there! 


Price: Free, the only investment is your time.


Date: Friday, November 29, 2019

Registration: 8:30am - 9:00am

Workshop: 9:00am - 12:30pm

Lunch and Networking (optional): 12:30pm

* Complimentary lunch included 


Yellowfoot Lodge

Pococks Lane
Eton, Berkshire
United Kingdom





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