60-90 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

In Configs™, participants will recreate complicated shapes per round as they learn to convey information strategically to achieve a common understanding and drive results.

The experience

Participants will be challenged to recreate shapes solely based on communication and strategy. Throughout the experience, they will learn how to convey their ideas effectively, inspire teamwork and motivate action which are crucial skills to drive productivity.

Configs will have participants working together to achieve complete and accurate understanding in record time. The results they achieve will bring to light how effective communication positively impacts real-world outcomes and performance.

Learning outcomes

  • Growth mindset: The importance of having a growth mindset and identifying opportunities to course correct in the face of shifting conditions and successfully navigate roadblocks

  • Collaboration: Build cohesion and consensus among team members in order to earn the right to influence and ensure you have an environment that engenders psychological safety

  • Agility: The ability to deploy tactics quickly

  • Vision setting: Create alignment on vision and operating procedures

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