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Arctic pursuit

Arctic Pursuit™

60-90 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

Participants become research teams thrust into the Canadian Arctic to embark on an expedition to gather wildlife data, plan conservation efforts and reach their destination with the desired results.



60-90 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

In Configs™, participants will recreate complicated shapes per round as they learn to convey information strategically to achieve a common understanding and drive results.

Coral banks

Coral Banks™

120-180 minutes | 5 to 5000 pax

Leadership, communication and resource management will be tested as participants try to build a huge model bridge on time and on budget for their employer, Coral Banks Construction Company.

Council of the marble star

Council of the Marble Star™

180 minutes | 20 to 5000 pax

In Council of the Marble Star™, participants learn that how you achieve results is just as important as the results.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion™

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Eagles Flight’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion™ program helps employees understand and appreciate individual differences.

Dont come home without it

Don’t Come Home Without It™

180 minutes | 5 to 200 pax

Teams are neighbours needing crucial items from the local grocery store before it closes, but not all relationships among them are very neighbourly! 

Elk manor

Elk Manor™

180 minutes | 5 to 50 pax

Teams are members of Global Recovery Inc. looking for missing jewels in a secluded manor where it is said that a world-famous thief, the Grey Mist, has hidden them.



60-90 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

Evolution™ is all about dealing with change as teams are tasked to recreate complicated illustrations every round within a given time frame.

Fira tora

Fira Tora™

60-90 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

It is an exhilarating challenge that requires good communication and teamwork among participants to overcome the twists and turns that come with being on the island of Fira Tora.

FF5 - AF

Future Fit 5: Antifragile Organizations™

60-90 minutes | 15 to 30 pax

In Antifragile Organizations™, teams will learn how to create an environment that welcomes feedback and addresses problems early on.


Future Fit 5: Powerful Storytelling & Cut Through Communication™

1 day or 2 half days | 15 to 30 pax

In Powerful Storytelling & Cut Through Communication™, participants will learn how to understand the communication objectives, articulate, discuss and persuade to achieve common business results through two-way interactions.


Future Fit 5: Powering Team Performance™

1 day or 2 half days | 15 to 30 pax

In Powering Team Performance™, leaders learn how to create teams, diagnose gaps in performance and fill said gaps.


Future Fit 5: The Brand of You™

1 day or 2 half days | 15 to 30 pax

In The Brand of You ™, we will show you how to shape, manage and expand your personal brand in a way that gives you an edge over others. You'll be seen, noticed and heard!

Gold of the desert kings

Gold of the Desert Kings™

180 minutes | 6 to 5000 pax

Powered by Gold of the Desert Kings™, participants learn how to convert activity into productivity to maximise results.

Jungle fire

Jungle Fire™

120-180 minutes | 6 to 5000 pax

In Jungle Fire™, participants will learn how to identify available resources and manage them as a team to succeed.

King kahufu

King Kahufu™

180 minutes | 5 to 50 pax

In King Kahufu™, groups work to best capitalise on a recently discovered pyramid. They are the local Mayor, an Archeologist, a Scientist, a Producer and an Entrepreneur

FF5 - LC

Leading Change™

2 days | 15 to 30 pax

In Leading Change™, leaders will learn to not only manage change, but lead employees through it towards success.

Market maker

Market Maker™

180 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

In Market Maker™, teams will learn how to negotiate and build lasting relationships that drive results through this futuristic technology-themed interactive learning experience.

Museum caper

Museum Caper™

60-90 minutes | 5 to 200 pax

In this mystery-themed virtual learning activity, participants learn to provide feedback and avoid miscommunication as they track down the culprits of three major robberies using evidence.

Promises Promises

Promises, Promises!™

120-180 minutes | 20 to 5000 pax

In Promises, Promises!™, participants will learn that to be a united organisation you must have collaboration and trust.

Rattlesnake canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon™

240 minutes | 5 to 5000 pax

In Rattlesnake Canyon™, participants discover how to leverage strategic partnerships to gain a competitive advantage.

Real estate

Real Estate™

30 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

Participants deal with different real estate scenarios and determine if they made money, lost money or broke even.

Redline racing

Redline Racing™

120 minutes | 20 to 5000 pax

This hands-on program will test your ability to make quick decisions, course-correct and face stiff competition.

Rescue orion

Rescue Orion™

180 minutes | 5 to 200 pax

Teams of 5 crew a spaceship which must gather resources and bring them to scientists who are stranded at the Orion space station and in dire need of help.

Ride the wind

Ride The Wind™

60-90 minutes | 5 to 200 pax

Players build an amusement park, balancing rides, attractions and other amenities that will increase the park’s popularity while also maximising its profitability. 

Safe by choice

Safe By Choice™

We are a Global Safety Culture Provider with proven methodology and a customised approach

Despite existing protocols and safety measures in place, companies continue to face alarming incidents that jeopardise the lives of our workforce. The glaring truth is that our current safety practices are failing to effectively mitigate risks and ensure a secure working environment.

The Discovery of Dr. Thomas Rae

The Discovery of Dr. Thomas Rae™

180 minutes | 5 to 5000 pax

In The Discovery of Dr. Thomas Rae™, your leaders will learn how to drive results through effective coaching.

Tongos tower

Tongo’s Tower™

45-60 minutes | 6 to 1000 pax

Creativity, problem-solving and calmness under pressure are put to the test as teams try to build the tallest possible tower using a set of materials in a limited amount of time.



180-240 minutes | 5 to 5000 pax

In Windjammer™, participants will learn to catch the wind of opportunity in order to succeed in a competitive market.

Future fit 5 - Fast track your company’s success

Confidently lead through any kind of change or uncertainty. Masterfully steer your team,  department and organisation into the future. 

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