Future Fit 5: Antifragile Organizations™

60-90 minutes | 15 to 30 pax

In Antifragile Organizations™, teams will learn how to create an environment that welcomes feedback and addresses problems early on.

The experience

Antifragile Organizations™ helps you understand what it takes to create a culture of transformation.

Learning outcomes

  • How to formulate a roadmap that will help you create a culture of surfacing and addressing problems.

  • How to use an Antifragile toolkit and enact the roadmap – even during the difficult reality of day-to-day business and in an environment where busy teams have competing priorities.

  • How to use a framework to set antifragile goals, delegate them, evaluate them and provide feedback.

  • The ability to diagnose underlying causes of fragility - in yourself, your team, your processes and your organisation - and learn how to address them.

From developing human skills to transforming your organisational culture