Future Fit 5: Powerful Storytelling & Cut Through Communication™

1 day or 2 half days | 15 to 30 pax

In Powerful Storytelling & Cut Through Communication™, participants will learn how to understand the communication objectives, articulate, discuss and persuade to achieve common business results through two-way interactions.

The experience

The financial industry is ruled by numbers. Statistics and hard data are information business leaders rely on to make vital business decisions. But numbers often fall flat and fail to show the complete picture without proper context.

During times of uncertainty, storytelling can be a competitive advantage and helps humanise data allowing colleagues to be more receptive to new ideas and buy-in from the team to support initiatives. It can engage and motivate employees to ensure that they understand their role in driving the company forward towards recovery and growth. Stories also let customers and stakeholders make sense of the impact of numerical data.

In Powerful Storytelling & Cut Through Communication™ by Eagles Flight, learners will learn the essential skills to crafting and delivering stories with the support of in-the-moment peer and instructor feedback which allows for improvements to be made quickly and confidence to build.

Participants will be provided with learning and support tools to structure better messages and clearer presentations. You will be armed with the templates and tools to create jargon-free, inspiring, visual communication and a story bank of Powerful Stories for every meeting and communication situation.

Learning outcomes

  • Communication objectives and articulate the central message of the story and its relevance to the stake holders

  • Present and demonstrate all the elements of the story crafting process

  • Create a powerful hook to draw the audience into the story from the start

  • Use of vivid descriptors to allow the audience to personally experience the story being delivered

  • Deliver an effective peak, the moment of insight of the story

  • Articulate the central message of the story and its relevance to the current business situation

  • End the story quickly and appropriately

  • Demonstrate ability on two-way interactions and communication approaches

Program details

  • 1 full day or 2 half-days
  • Available virtually or in-person
  • Pre & post session activities
  • 15-30 participants at all levels
  • Assessment and Statement of Attainment (SOA)
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