Council of the Marble Star™

180 minutes | 20 to 5000 pax

In Council of the Marble Star™, participants learn that how you achieve results is just as important as the results.

The experience

In Council of the Marble Star™, participants will join a journey to a realm of fantasy and adventure where they will compete and negotiate to become members of an elite ruling council. In order to earn a place on the Council and become the victor, participants will need to barter, trade resources, build relationships and negotiate.

They will learn how to balance achieving results while maintaining personal integrity and company values while they face uncertainty, competition and a changing environment. The experience will teach them that combining productivity and relationship-building skills creates a competitive edge for success.

Learning outcomes

  • Change management: Manage productivity through change or uncertainty Understand that perceptions outweigh intentions to create a vision for individual and corporate excellence

  • Self awareness: Discover personal habits, approaches and styles that block productivity

  • Relationship management: Master the challenge of building quality relationships while obtaining quality results

  • Maximising results: Acquire and apply information to ensure maximum productivity

Program details

  • Half day
  • Up to 5000 participants
  • Ideal for all team members for training or corporate events
  • Customisation and various delivery options available
  • Post-course reinforcement and retention options available to maximise impact of training
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