Redline Racing™

120 minutes | 20 to 5000 pax

This hands-on program will test your ability to make quick decisions, course-correct and face stiff competition.

The experience

Redline Racing™ participants will join a thrilling team-based experience that simulates real-world pressures where they will have to make quick and informed decisions, reassess and course-correct using checkpoints, all while facing stiff competition. This exciting, hands-on program provides the perfect opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed to succeed in a rapidly-changing environment.

Teams will compete through a series of checkpoints to the finish line. Teams will be able to measure their success based on the points they accumulate. Faced with continuous choices, from gathering more information to accelerating quickly, teams will need to determine their course of action whilst also convincing other teams their course of action will lead to success.

Learning outcomes

  • Collaboration: Build cohesion and consensus among team members in order to earn the right to influence and ensure you have an environment that engenders psychological safety

  • Growth mindset: The importance of having a growth mindset and identifying opportunities to course correct in the face of shifting conditions and successfully navigate roadblocks

  • Decision making: Increase speed and efficiency of decision making

  • Strategic thinking & tactical outcomes: Setting priorities and creating a network to deliver on the strategy and plan of action

  • Maximising results: Manage what you can be controlled and maximising, whilst balancing individual versus group decision making

Program details

  • In person
  • 2 hours
  • Up to 5000 participants
  • For all employees
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