Want your people to embrace the future?

Mindset is Everything

Want your people to embrace the future?

Mindset is Everything.


We Train People. Your People.

To describe ourselves as a training company would be an understatement. If you want to create change, foster better teamwork, unleash innovation and move your business forward - we’re here to help. We do much more than just teach skills.

We transform mindsets. We Change Behaviors.

Areas of Expertise


The secret sauce multiplier for every business is their brand inside. Many companies miss the disconnect between what is desired and written on the posters in the lobby versus the everyday, actual behaviors. The latter is the true representation of an organization’s culture. We can get this right for you. Whether it be fostering an environment where people embrace  Diversity & Inclusion  or harvesting a  Culture of Innovation that actively engages in creative thinking, we can develop a comprehensive approach that help your organization leapfrog competitors.

Critical Skills for Future Leading

Leadership isn’t a position, it’s an action. Our leadership development programs not only deliver against your needs, but also address the unique challenges faced by emerging or senior leaders. By focusing on the core critical skills, we help unleash your leadership’s full potential.

Team Building

In the new hybrid work environment, teamwork is not just a nice to have, it’s a must. To be effective, we make sure that your employee engagement activities are not just a pat on the back but will get under the skin. We can help your people connect openly and land important messages through fun and engaging events that enable collaborative relationships and strengthen workplace culture. All these will set your organization up for success.

Explore Our Experiential Learning Solutions

The Brand of You™

1 Day or 2 half days | 15-25 Pax

In The Brand of You ™, we will show you how to shape, manage and expand your personal brand in a way that gives you an edge over others. You'll be seen, noticed and heard!

Powering Team Performance™

1 Day or 2 half days | 20-25 Pax

In Powering Team Performance™, leaders learn how to create teams, diagnose gaps in performance, and fill said gaps.

Capitalizing on Every Opportunity: Windjammer™

2-3 Hours | 10-5000 Pax

Powered by Windjammer™, participants will capitalize on every opportunity in order to succeed in a competitive market.

Productivity & Performance: Gold of the Desert Kings™

3-4 Hours | 10-5000 Pax

Powered by Gold of the Desert Kings™, participants learn how to convert activity into productivity to maximize results.

Market Maker™

3 Hours| 8-210 Pax

In Market Maker™, teams will learn how to negotiate and build lasting relationships that drive results through this futuristic technology themed interactive learning experience.

Driving Results Through Coaching: The Discovery of Dr. Thomas Rae™

3 Hours | 12-500 Pax

In The Discovery of Dr. Thomas Rae™, your leaders will learn how to drive results through effective coaching.

Experiential Learning  Events

18 January 2023, 10:00AM – 1:00PM SGT
Catapult Campus, Singapore
Join us on January 18th to experience our Windjammer program, engage in discussions about the future of work, and learn about our plans for 2023.

Changing the game for your business.