Transformation is a continuous process that requires consistent effort and a shift in mindset to achieve a lasting impact.

The 4 Pillars of Transformation

We have created a system to support employee development. We call this the 4H approach.


Here’s a psychological fact: how you play is how you work. Once you take part in a game, you become emotionally vested. In our programs, we analyze participants' strengths and weaknesses, where they step up and collaborate for the benefit of the team - and when they go solo and disregard supporting people. This analysis helps us spot and change behaviors.


At its heart, any kind of training program is about transmitting knowledge. Experiential learning is different because it allows participants to both learn and practice new skills all in one go. This way, participants “learn by doing,” which study after study has revealed leads to greater and lasting learning outcomes.


Once participants have completed their activity, we map the learning back to their day-to-day working lives. Embedding new behaviors take support, confidence and time. We help people move forward with practical tools and useful models. We arm them with the means to succeed in the workplace.


We know that retention of learning is crucial. For lasting results, experiential learning activities should be paired with retention programs that reinforce learning for participants with fun games, testing that measures the impact, and development programs that build in support from leadership and managers.

Your Partner in Mindset Shift

No two clients are the same, which is why our diverse and dynamic team across the globe thoroughly curates our solutions to create a Sprint Journey that can effectively transform your organization and create lasting impact.


A team of consultants determines the best approach to meet your outcomes.  


A team of learning experts and designers build our renowned programs. 


A team of facilitators deliver our programs to your team. 

Measure & Sustain

A team of consultants and assessors ensures you get the desired results. 

From developing human skills to transforming your organizational culture