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Leadership and Succession
Discover the power of leadership and workplace coaching in maximizing employee performance, engagement, and potential. Explore the C.O.A.C.H. model—Connect, Observe, Assess, Clarify and communicate, and How to change—to build trust, assess behavior, and guide employees towards improved performance.
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Training and Development
Learn how positive thinking and lifelong skills training can prepare banking and finance professionals in Singapore against industry disruptions. Explore some trends shaping the sector and where learning and development bring benefits.
Leadership and Succession
As AI revolutionizes the workplace, employees must develop critical soft skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, collaboration, and effective communication. Soft skills require action-based learning, which is why experiential training is crucial to help employees apply their knowledge in real-world situations.
Training and Development
The integration of technology in the workplace has led to increased efficiency and productivity. However, the effectiveness of these technologies still relies on the creativity and cognitive flexibility of human professionals. Having these skills allows professionals to make innovative decisions and build a future-ready organization.
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Leadership and Succession
Meetings are essential for teamwork and decision-making. Effective leaders ensure meetings are productive by setting clear agendas, inviting the right people, promoting open communication and much more.
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Corporate Culture
As a leader, your mindset can greatly influence your organization's culture, performance, and adaptability to changes. Your mind is a powerful tool that, when equipped with a growth-oriented mindset...

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