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Future of Work
Our latest blog explores pivotal workplace trends, from AI reskilling to Gen Z integration. Prepare for success in 2024 with insights about balancing technology with human-centricity and navigating evolving work dynamics. Step into 2024, ready and informed.
Eagles Flight Asia Triumphs at 9th Annual HR Vendors of the Year Awards, Secures Gold and Silver in Two Coveted Categories
Eagles Flight Asia achieved remarkable success at the 9th Annual HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2023 in Singapore, clinching Gold for Best Team Building Provider and Silver for Best Leadership Development Consultancy.
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Corporate Culture
In the race to wield artificial intelligence, fostering a culture of experimentation emerges as the key differentiator. Our latest blog provides tips to encourage a culture of experimentation among teams, especially amidst the digital transformations that generative AI is sparking across industries.
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Corporate Events
Corporate events have transformed over the years from staid, one-sided meetings to insightful platforms for connection. Now that 2024 is just around the corner, it's time to rethink the way you do corporate events and make them even more relevant. Discover three essential ingredients that will significantly boost your event's impact.
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Experiential Learning
Experiential learning can breathe life into your disengaged, 'quiet-quitting' workforce. In this blog, we explore the key attributes of experiential learning that make it an effective tool for behavior change, culture transformation, and employee engagement. Revitalize your people with immersive activities and memorable experiences.
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Leadership and Succession
Explore five key management styles, understand their pros and cons, and pick up valuable tips to use them effectively. Remember, exceptional leaders mix and match management styles according to their team needs and business goals. Step into a more flexible approach to managerial success.
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Leadership and Succession
Leadership is a continuous process of being the person your team needs and looks up to. Discover profound insights on becoming a leader worth following in our latest blog post. From understanding the essence of leadership to focusing on the value you give to others, these 5 reminders will help you cultivate influential leadership skills.
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Leadership and Succession
Investing in your people can unlock higher job satisfaction, reduce turnover rates, and foster improved loyalty. Read on to learn how to effectively manage your current workforce and transform them into the talent that you need to succeed in today's highly disruptive business landscape.
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Corporate Culture
After a successful culture transformation, organizations need to maintain this culture too see ideal, lasting results. In this blog, we recommend 5 tips to sustain your new culture and keep the organization thriving. Drive commitment from all levels of the organization through actionable strategies that work.
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Training and Development
It takes more than cost-saving measures to maximize your training resources. In this blog, we give you tips on how to get the most value from your learning & development budget to boost organizational growth, improve the employee experience, and strategically scale training initiatives over time.
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Experiential Learning
Experience learning like never before with simulations, scenarios, and games. Uncover the transformative power of interactive training methods and discover how these immersive strategies can engage participants, enhance skills, and drive real-world results.
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Training and Development
Measuring the ROI of a learning and development program greatly depends on the goals, priorities, and needs of the business. And before making any investment in L&D, it must first align with the overall business strategy. The best ROI metrics to use are the ones that matter to your organization the most at a given time.
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Corporate Culture
In the face of disruption, a growth mindset culture outshines a performance-based one. Valuing learning and embracing failures as opportunities for growth empowers employees to continuously innovate, collaborate, and drive positive business outcomes.
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Leadership and Succession
Discover the power of leadership and workplace coaching in maximizing employee performance, engagement, and potential. Explore the C.O.A.C.H. model—Connect, Observe, Assess, Clarify and communicate, and How to change—to build trust, assess behavior, and guide employees towards improved performance.
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Training and Development
Learn how positive thinking and lifelong skills training can prepare banking and finance professionals in Singapore against industry disruptions. Explore some trends shaping the sector and where learning and development bring benefits.
Leadership and Succession
As AI revolutionizes the workplace, employees must develop critical soft skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, collaboration, and effective communication. Soft skills require action-based learning, which is why experiential training is crucial to help employees apply their knowledge in real-world situations.
Training and Development
The integration of technology in the workplace has led to increased efficiency and productivity. However, the effectiveness of these technologies still relies on the creativity and cognitive flexibility of human professionals. Having these skills allows professionals to make innovative decisions and build a future-ready organization.
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Leadership and Succession
Meetings are essential for teamwork and decision-making. Effective leaders ensure meetings are productive by setting clear agendas, inviting the right people, promoting open communication and much more.
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Corporate Culture
As a leader, your mindset can greatly influence your organization's culture, performance, and adaptability to changes. Your mind is a powerful tool that, when equipped with a growth-oriented mindset...
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Corporate Culture
Many CEOs are turning to strategies such as cost reduction and revenue growth to maintain competitiveness. However, it is important to recognize that these solutions alone may not be sufficient in the face of the complex challenges of the 21st century.
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Corporate Culture
Stay ahead in the constantly changing workplace. Emphasize human leadership, employee empowerment, and professional development to build a future-ready organization.
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Experiential Learning
Quiet quitting is not only a big challenge, but it has also led to the so-called Great Resignation. Leaders should build a culture based on shared core values, and one of the ways they can set the tone for the organization...
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Training and Development
Eagles Flight helps companies when things are starting to go off tracks. When the corporate culture, which takes decades to build, starts to dissipate and fade away. When legacy attitudes start to calcify and become a barrier to progression.
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Corporate Culture
In a world where employees have more power than ever before, it's no surprise that companies are struggling to keep up. The Great Renegotiation is a real thing and it's happening right now. So, how can you stay competitive in an economy where employees have the upper hand?
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Training and Development
The fact is, if you’re running training programs that are rote. They’re going to fail. If the programs are one-off events. They’re going to fail. And if the programs are boring and lack engagement. They’re going to fail. So, what to do? As obvious as it might seem, do the opposite. Successful learning has three key dimensions to it.
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Corporate Culture
Working from home has become the default setting for many businesses. And now the pandemic is starting to shape shift, it is likely to continue in some form or other. One thing is for certain, employees save a fortune on travel costs – and at the same time, lower their carbon footprint. But what about the other side of the coin?
Training and Development
The concept behind The Brand of You was first introduced to us by the famous author, business consultant and motivational speaker, Tom Peters. He wrote about the subject in a New Yorker article back in 1997, way before the onslaught of social media and the explosion of influence culture
Corporate Culture
We all have egos. Most of the time, they are a force for good – especially in a business environment where individual talent, ambition, and confidence are major factors in a company’s success. But there are times when an inflated ego can have an adverse, sometimes destructive, effect, especially in a team setting.
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Leadership and Succession
A leader’s vision and strategy count for nothing if people in the organization are just not on board. If you are in charge of leading change in your organization, here is how you can shift rigid mindset to ensure success.
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Teamwork, Virtual
A workforce that is teamwork-focused is less likely to experience organizational silos, and more inclined to collaborate on ways to meet company objectives.
Leadership and Succession
Outstanding bosses are able to combine their interpersonal and communication skills to inspire the people they lead.
Leadership and Succession
Having truly high performing talent within an organization is the next frontier to accelerating corporate performance.


Article: Mindset Is Everything – Leadership Isn’t A Position, It Is An Action
October 2021

Scott Kronick’s weekly blog, Monday Morning Mojo, features Andrew Thomas where he talks about Eagles Flight Asia’s mantra – mindset is everything and how it serves as the north star in all things we do. He also shares how a global onboarding program was tailor-fit for a top bank to ensure that culture is ingrained in their employees on day one.

Andrew at Telum interview

Interview: Andrew Thomas on Telum Talks
August 2021

In this interview with Telum Media, Andrew Thomas discusses the importance of employee engagement as one of the strategic priorities for business leaders to address the now-normal challenges in the workforce such as culture fade, leading change, and mental well-being to sustainably drive business, accelerate team performance, and live and express their brands through Brand Inside and mindset shift.

Article: Priming Human Resources
July 2021

Andrew Thomas shares the journey of Eagles Flight Asia since 2016 – from doubling the team size in Manila and Singapore to serving 10 markets across Asia to being an IBF accredited learning provider, and to taking a stride in creating a valuable difference to companies it serves.

Interview: Phil Geldart on ANC Philippines
September 2019

Phil Geldart, Eagles Flight Global CEO, talks to Michell Ong of ANC Philippines about the power of experiential learning in unleashing conviction to change behaviors and why it is key to building a high performing team.

Article: LEAD 2018 Graduation ST Article
October 2018

Eagles Flight Asia is part of the UBS-Camp Vision LEAD Academy – a 6-month leadership program for youths between 13 and 16 years from local neighborhood schools. This was a unique opportunity for Eagles Flight Asia to train the youths through experiential learning sessions that brought together learning and skills around communication, strategy, collaboration, teamwork, negotiation and adaptability.