Nurturing High-Performance Teams Through Experiential Learning

Over the years, memes have exploded on the internet. If you spend enough time on social media, you are bound to come across a couple of witty ones about quiet quitting (finally, there’s a name for it!) and the usual Monday blues. They poke fun at the sometimes frustrating work environment that most people can relate to. 

While they are great for a few laughs between harried Zoom calls and putting out fires at work, this can be a harbinger of a more serious trend that could spell trouble for organizations.

Quiet quitting is not only a big challenge, but it has also led to the so-called Great Resignation. A 2021 Mckinsey survey revealed that forty percent of the employees stated they are “somewhat likely to quit in the next three to six months.” A 2022 Randstad study in Singapore showed similar results, with 31% of employees planning to change jobs within the year.

Workers are looking for more than just a stable paycheck but a sense of belonging and community. They want to work for brands that reflect their values so that they can bring their entire selves to the job. Leaders should build a culture based on shared core values, and one of the ways they can set the tone for the organization is through learning and development (L&D).


Start on the Right Foot with Effective Onboarding

Every company has its unique culture. Bringing new hires into the fold means helping them understand what the brand stands for on day one. Onboarding is vital in ensuring that your mission and vision are front and centre, not empty words they merely memorize.

Experiential learning is an effective tool in helping new team members live out the company’s ethos. At Eagles Flight, we achieve this mindset shift through immersive gamification. In fact, we have helped a Fortune 500 global bank onboard new employees across continents using practical tools to enable them to imbibe the company’s values with outsized results.


Leverage Technology for Frictionless Learning

Training is critical in ensuring your workforce is future-proof and agile. Developing an environment that supports a growth mindset and providing the right tools to build capabilities are essential. Forward-thinking organizations understand that learning is social and that a collaborative approach is vital for improved outcomes.

Eagles Flight is at the forefront of leveraging technology for knowledge sharing. We recently moved to Capitaland’s Catapult Learning Centre. The Leadership Training hub features Singapore’s first commercial 180-degree and 360-degree immersive studios with the latest Igloo immersive technology. It also includes rooms fitted with high-quality soundproofing, acoustics, and cameras to facilitate streaming.


Focus on Human-Centric Skills to Unlock Potential

Developing human-centric skills such as communication excellence, acceptance of vulnerability, and world-class teamwork, whilst challenging, are the X factors of sustainable business brilliance. Experiential learning is unique in helping leaders and teams understand how powerful and business-strategic they are. Employees drop their guard and express themselves freely in a safe space as an expert facilitator holds up a mirror and stimulates meaningful conversion and learning. The participants’ actions and attitudes are highlighted in the context of the experience so that positive behaviors can be reinforced while negative ones can be corrected. 

While technical skills are undoubtedly critical, human-centric skills shape how people interact and collaborate, which feeds into your company’s DNA. A great company culture fosters deeper engagement, productivity, and loyalty, leading to better company performance.

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