A Question to CEOs.
Do your people behave like frogs?

When your people keep their opinions to themselves in a meeting, that’s the same behavior as our frog that meets an untimely end. They’re paralyzed by fear. They don’t want to speak up because they feel threatened by their environment.   
It leads to people working in silos, not collaborating, not sticking their neck out and championing their opinions.   
If you can relate to this, just like our frog, your people are boiling to death. Not literally, but metaphorically.   
And that’s bad, obviously bad for the individual and for business. In a fast-moving world where collaboration, teamwork and agility are the new table stakes, rather than a “nice-to-have”, it is the strategic X factor of business success. And what better time to unpack such opportunity than at the start of a new business cycle. Eagles Flight helps companies when things are starting to go off tracks. When the corporate culture, which takes decades to build, starts to dissipate and fade away. When legacy attitudes start to calcify and become a barrier to progression.   
What we’ve learned after four decades in the people development business, is that MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. Empower the right attitudes and both individual and organizational resilience rises.

To stick with the analogy, frogs jump to new heights. 

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