Coral Banks™

In Coral Banks™, participants will put their teamwork skills to the test as they take on the challenge of building an enormous model bridge. The catch? It seems impossible, but with the power of collaboration and the drive to succeed, nothing is impossible.

The Coral Banks Construction Company is proud of its track record of always being able to build its bridges exactly to spec, always on time and on budget. The team will be successful if they can master critical skills like leadership, communication, and resource management.

What Participants Will Learn

  • Collaboration: Build cohesion and consensus among team members in order to earn the right to influence and ensure you have an environment that engenders psychological safety​
  • Strategic Thinking & Tactical Outcomes: Setting priorities and creating a network to deliver on the strategy and plan of action
  • Focus: Learn how unanimous focus on a single task leads to success
  • Leadership: Optimize team talent through effective communication and understand the power of excellent leadership
  • Resource Utilization: Understanding and reviewing available resources is crucial to success
  • Growth Mindset: The importance of having a growth mindset and identifying opportunities to course correct in the face of shifting conditions and successfully navigate roadblocks​

Program Details

  • Half day
  • Up to 5,000 participants
  • Ideal for all team members for training or corporate events
  • Customization and various delivery options available
  • Post-course reinforcement and retention options available to maximize impact of training

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