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Eagle’s Flight’s DE&I Maturity Model

Eagle’s Flight’s DE&I Maturity Model with Keith Chow – Global Practice Leader


These days many people would suggest there is no greater and more complex challenge than diversity, equity and inclusion. Some organizations have already had missteps in this arena and have watched their businesses and culture fall off the deep end. Others see DE&I business research and want to stay above the noise, as well as go from good to great when it comes to innovation, talent, engagement, performance, retention and culture. 

 As you can see from our adopted Bersin Deloitte model, many organizations begin at compliance driven DE&I, where the focus is centered around diversity and pursuing compliance against requirements such as Equal Employment Opportunity laws. 

 As the organization matures, we begin to pair workforce diversity with workplace equity by establishing and increasing engagement of DE&I programming such as resource groups based on intersectionality, or the ways in which people differ. Maybe there are courageous conversation forms in this stage of the journey and evaluating of cultural norms and processes.  All to advance the companies DE and I objectives.

The next phase is leader led DE&I. Where the ingredient of inclusion gets mixed in, along with diversity and equity by the leaders who are actively creating an environment for DE&I within their own business units as well as cross functionally. So, diversity, equity and inclusion starts to permeate all aspects of the organization’s culture and operations. 

 The last phase is reaching a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, where it’s not just the leaders, but all employees who feel personally accountable and empowered with a clear pathway to contribute and advance the organization’s DE&I objectives. 

 And so no matter where you are on the journey, we would love to explore how we can add value and help your organization soar to new heights when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. 


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