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Point of Choice®

Point of Choice Model-01

We follow a predicable process for preparing content to help participants come to a point of decision around adopting new behaviours.

Point of Choice Model

We design our content using Point of Choice®:

1. We with understanding the participants unique role and context and design practical approaches to preparing them for learning and understanding what will be required to get the initial consistency of application required to form habits.

2. From there we address 4 critical and inter-related factors:

    • Engagement: How do we get the learner to engage in the learning journey (typically a fun experience)
    • Safety: How do we ensure they feel emotionally and psychologically safe to enter into the self-evaluation required to adopt new behaviours
    • Identification: How do we ensure that participants see themselves in what they are experiencing and being taught
    • Credibility: How do we ensure that the information provided and conclusions drawn carry are credible


3. To Optimize the learner adoption and reduce friction in the learner journey we use contextual language, context based illustrations and vignettes all to ensure Relevance

4. In order to adopt and sustain new behaviors requires that all learners feel a high amount of personal ownership of the insights gained and conclusions drawn with we facilitate effective debriefs and peer-learning

5. Finally we bring participants to a clear point of decision. At the end of the day adopting a new behavior or set of behaviors is an act of personal will. Content design and the facilitators who deliver it must recognize this and effectively place these, using the Points of Choice® model, along the development journey.

Point of Choice Model_Circle

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