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Personal Development in Healthcare

Just as you approach the overall health of individual patients, you must also address the health of your entire healthcare organization. This includes building a strong backbone for your institute by developing mid-level managers. Providing personal development tools that will help them grow and thrive as supervisors and maintaining a robust leadership pipeline are essential for creating an environment that enables you to deliver superior patient outcomes. In this video you’ll learn why patient outcomes depend on personal development in healthcare.

Video Transcript

In 2008 the Institute for Healthcare Improvement came up with what was called Triple Aim. Improving the health of the general population, enhancing patient care, and then also producing per capita costs of healthcare focusing on that. Does anyone other than myself see
something huge that’s missing from that?

Which is why Triple Aim has now turned into Quadruple Aim, because the fourth element now is the staff itself, and the health of the staff. Do we just simply say congratulations you’re now a nursing supervisor, here’s 12 people, try not to mess it up. Or do we provide them with tools for success? Is there succession planning? Are there thoughts around this? Do we develop our leaders?

I will tell you without question, those mid-level managers are your most critical function, both on the clinical and non-clinical side.Think of the human body. You could have the most brilliant brain, which is your strategic plan. You could have the most brilliant rank-and-file,which is your legs. But if your spine is weak you are done, and your spine are your mid-level managers.

Personal development at all levels of the organization is critical, but if it doesn’t start, and live, and thrive in that core of your mid-level managers, those nursing supervisors on the clinical side, those supervisors on your non-clinical side, you have very little chance of getting to that ultimate goal of superior outcomes for your patients, and creating a superior reputation for your institute.


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