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Council of the Marble Star™

Delivering the results you have committed to can be challenging when you are required to do so with personal integrity and in a way that upholds company values. In order to succeed, it’s critical to create productive business relationships within the context of corporate culture. While the pressure to produce results can undercut how we behave and interact with others, the quality of our working relationships greatly impacts productivity. In Eagle’s Flight’s engaging experiential learning program, Council of the Marble Star, participants will work together to succeed in both areas that matter – profit and professionalism. Ultimately, they walk away with the understanding that how you achieve your results is just as important as the results.




What Your Employees Will Learn

Participants return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Negotiate and build lasting, productive relationships that drive the results promised
  • Prioritize the market value of reputation and focus on long-term success over short-term gain
  • Recognize how the perception of intentions can be misunderstood and affect results
  • Identify and eliminate weaknesses while maximizing on strengths through sharp negotiation skills
  • Synchronize company culture and values with behaviors and actions

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