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Innovation In Action™

Are your employees willing and able to step beyond what’s the “norm” and into unknown territory? If they are, this is where great innovation, creativity, and invention occur. Innovation has the potential to positively give any organization a much-needed edge in today’s competitive marketplace, as well as boost the engagement of its employees. However, for innovation to thrive, it requires the support of a culture that values innovative thinking.

In Eagle’s Flight’s experiential learning program, Innovation in Action, participants will experience for themselves, in a non-threatening environment, ways they can solve business problems and improve upon current processes by taking on an innovative mindset. This program challenges negative thinking by fostering an innovation-friendly culture in which everyone can generate and implement new ideas. Your employees will emerge from the classroom better prepared to share ideas freely, and embrace opportunities for change in their daily work lives.


1- DAY



Participants return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Identify the behaviors and cultural conditions that foster creativity and innovation
  • Analyze current processes and systems to identify opportunities for innovation
  • Go beyond brainstorming – from ideation to execution
  • Create common understanding and productive work processes within your innovation team
  • Convert innovative ideas into workable solutions through logical and manageable action plans to yield optimal business results

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