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The sales profession has changed drastically in the last century. Increased competition and customer expectations have resulted in once-effective methods of selling becoming obsolete and ineffective. For any business to remain competitive, their sales teams need to adapt their approach to one that focuses on an insightful understanding of the client’s needs, and align or create a solution to meet those needs. Your sales team needs to be equipped with new mindsets, skills, tools, and sales processes to develop these types of productive relationships with the multiple decision-stakeholders within your client’s organization. They need to adapt to changing customer expectations or be left behind.

In Eagle’s Flight’s one-day program Foundations of Solution Selling, your sales employees will learn how to optimize every interaction by: better uncovering the total needs of the client; better understanding the stages of relationship and how to move across them; how to adapt their approach to the client’s spoken and unspoken buying criteria; and how to prepare for various stages of the sales process. This foundational program can be customized to the reality of your organization to ensure the content is relevant to the challenges and opportunities your team experiences daily. Combining a customized solution with experiential learning will equip your sales team with the mindset and behaviors of solution selling.


1 DAY OR 5



Participants return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Optimize their sales energy in every client interaction
  • Build, and move across, the various stages of relationships
  • Effectively uncover the total need of the client
  • Adapt their approach to the clients’ spoken and unspoken buying criteria
  • Maximize their success by effectively preparing throughout the stages of the sales process

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