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Accelerating Performance™

Across organizations and leadership styles, performance management is as unique as its employees. Depending on how it has been executed historically by leaders and the process as a whole, it’s entirely possible employees and leaders alike will not find value in it. Without continuous feedback, like the workforce of today craves, performance reviews often feel like a waste of time and ineffective, with feedback coming weeks or months too late. While leaders of your organization must know how to deliver continuous and timely feedback, they must also be familiar with a framework for performance management that keeps up with the needs of their employees and meets the management needs of the organization.

Effective performance management hinges on balancing two things: the intentions of the employee, and the data that reflects their performance. In Eagle’s Flight’s one-day performance management course, Accelerating Performance, leaders realize that this process is the management of humans, rather than hard data. It’s much more complex than most processes in place allow for. Leaders will learn to hold others in esteem and consider their worth as humans, while providing them with an honest and clear evaluation of their current performance. They will also learn how to create positive paths forward for the company and the employee.


1- DAY



Leaders return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Recognize and harness the potential within every employee
  • Set clear performance expectations to support organizational goals by establishing specific, measurable goals at the employee level
  • Manage and track employee progress and provide constructive feedback where required
  • Conduct authentic, practical, and timely performance assessments against established goals that are based on the employees results vs. intention

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