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Jungle Fire™

What would be the outcome if you could redirect the time and energy employees spend on poorly chosen objectives and channel it into the right ones? When employees feel pressure to produce results, it can be easy for them to skip the planning stage and jump right into action. However, if they do the analysis and make good decisions from the outset, the path to improved results become much more clear. And what about the teams they work in? What would be the results if each team member’s strengths and talents were leveraged?

In Eagle’s Flight’s engaging experiential learning program, Jungle Fire, participants will get invaluable hands-on experience and practice identifying available resources from information, to people and tools – and then learn how to apply them to the appropriate projects and tasks at the right time. Your employees will return to work as a more cohesive team that is able to effectively make a plan, manage resources, use all relevant information to make informed decisions, and communicate and perform together to deliver tangible business results.




What Your Employees Will Learn

Participants return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Understand the importance of setting time aside for effective planning
  • Make informed decisions about which objective will produce the best quality results
  • Identify and utilize all information and resources
  • Recognize the diverse set of strengths and talents within the team, and assign tasks accordingly to maximize productivity
  • Take appropriate risks from a position of strength, not desperation

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