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While it’s crucial your organization’s leaders know how to develop a strategy, it’s a moot point if your leaders cannot execute it. It takes an agile and fully equipped leader to translate any strategy into action. Breaking down the strategy into logical components, understanding how to track progress, and innovating and developing the right tactics is crucial to success. Regardless of the complexity of the strategy, success hinges on the dynamic management and implementation of a strategy.

Execution is where the real work begins, and is where leaders are most needed by their employees, and their organizations. In Eagle’s Flight’s one-day course, Strategy Execution, your leaders will learn and practice how to effectively establish tactical priorities, cascade execution throughout the team, and adapt the implementation amidst shifting priorities. Ultimately, creating leaders who are fully capable of changing tactics, rather than strategy, along the road to results.





Leaders return to work the next day with the ability, tools, and confidence to:

  • Dissect strategy into its logical components, leading to easily executable tactics
  • Maintain focus on multiple objectives and encourage momentum through the process
  • Plan for contingencies and manage resources for their utmost impact
  • Monitor and correct progress through the use of checkpoints and metrics
  • Promote team engagement and contribution to organizational goals

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