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Eagle’s Flight is a full-service learning and development partner known for our creative and innovative experiential learning solutions. We have partnered with hundreds of enterprise and mid-market clients to solve some of the most difficult business challenges through behavior change initiatives that produced measurable results across a variety of culture, leadership, and talent development topics.

From our founding, we are also well known for the most engaging and impactful corporate events in the industry. We offer a variety of in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences that wow participants and drive learning outcomes.

Our clients consistently say 5 things set us apart as a partner:

1) Focus on your results:
We know how imperative it is to achieve sustainable business results from your training or culture investments. Our diverse team of experts following our proven behavior change design process consistently delivers the desired outcome. How do we know… Our high repeat business rates and portfolio of multi-project client partnerships.

2) Relevance through customization:
Your business and learning needs are unique. Our extensive in-house capabilities allow us to develop a custom program or tailor a solution to your values, language, priorities, and previous initiatives, resulting in higher content relevance and eliminating the “application gap” that occurs in most training initiatives.

3) Experiential Learning:
Our experiential methodology to learning combined with our industry-leading library of over 65 in-person and virtual experiences allows us to design learning initiatives with superior engagement and impact. Through practical, virtual, and in-class training sessions that mimic real-world challenges, your employees learn by doing, not just listening, reading, or watching.

4) Practical & Straightforward:
The content, tools, and learning facilitation are all focused on being immediately applicable on the job. While we work from a strong foundation of research and behavioral science we know the value of learning is determined by how quickly it is understood, internalized, and applied.

5) Sustained and Reinforced:
We know that competency isn’t built overnight and that 70% of content taught in a learning event will be forgotten in a week if not reinforced we bring the strategies and disciplines to ensure the learning sticks and is reinforced until habits form.

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Learn how we bring your culture transformation into reality


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Organizational Culture is not about posters on the wall or one-off events. It’s what the majority of the people that work in the organization do day in and day out and just as importantly – what they won’t tolerate.

Learn how we develop leaders that drive powerful results through their people

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To ensure success now and in the future, leading organizations need a healthy pipeline of leaders that come from a robust leadership development program designed to build the unique competencies required for success in their context and deploying it in a consistent and strategic way across the organization.

Learn how we help unleash the untapped potential within your workforce

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Annabel shares how Eagle’s Flight can develop the right mindset within organizations. Not just for the leaders, but in key talent, areas to help better meet the competitive challenges faced at the frontline and reach the organizational goals set before them.

Learn how we bring engagement and learning to life through compelling experiences

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Break away from boring! Eagle’s Flight has a track record for fun, relevant, engaging, and flawlessly executed company events.

We help organizations achieve their most important goals by equipping their people to do their best work



Experiential learning is one training delivery method and that can optimize the potential impact of training. At Eagle’s Flight, experiential learning is at the core of what we do for over 30 years. Our program's outcomes are predictable, replicable, and saleable.
Eagle's Flight revolutionized the business application for experiential learning in 1988, and now provides a comprehensive offering of learning solutions that set the standard for learner engagement and business impact.

Experiential learning can be the difference between actually changing behavior, and only providing more information with limited behavior change. Experiential learning combines immersive activities that mimic real-world challenges with a targeted debrief that connects the lessons learned with the reality of the workplace. It allows learners to learn by doing, and not be just listening, reading, or watching. Because they have personally experienced the results (both successes and failures) that come with applying their existing skills learners retain more information, and are more likely to apply their new knowledge on the job.

True “experiential learning” is a sophisticated blend of adult learning theory, immersive and engaging participation, key behavioral principles that drive performance improvement, and immediate relevance either back on the job or to the wider aspects of individual overall competence.

This approach builds two things into the learners:
Personal conviction of the value of changing behavior
The actual practical things to do differently to improve on the job performance

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How have we helped others?


Experiential Learning to Develop Leaders

A custom leadership solution designed to leverage our experiential approach to build conviction and skills around key leadership competencies.

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A Custom High Potential Solution

A cohorted high potential program that worked to identify and develop key leaders.

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Fueling Experiential Learning

Partnering with Eagle's Flight to provide experiential learning content to fit specific training needs.

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From Crisis to Community Leader

Created a learning solution that helped transform the organization from crisis mode to becoming a community leader.

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Developing the Future Workforce

Developed a 'Build your Best' series focusing on future skills, based on developing the workforce for leadership.

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Development of Future Skills Curriculum

Co-created 15 programs for HSBC University's curriculum. Acted as the train the trainer organization to support the team.

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Staying Ahead of Safety

Delivered Safe By Choice programming to a new pharmaceutical company to set expectations before their anticipated growth, with a focus on understanding the benefits and consequences of any action.

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Cascade of Customer Centric Behaviours

Customized and created a modularized program to be delivered globally by 270 leaders around the world.

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Project Management Development

Provided a custom solution using Tactical Excellence programming and experiential learning to develop team skills.

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